The Strayz name has a long history, dating back to 1978 where they have played in clubs across the Tri-State area, including the Galaxy, 3 Pines, The Park Grill, Spirits, The Cherrywood Lounge, Pennant East and more.  Since 1978 there have been several versions of the band, all including founding member Bob Moon who has been with them since the beginning. 

1978: The band originally included members Bob MMoon, Pete Ortiz (Suit Case Murphy), Kenny James Mercier, Vince Shimanski and Paul Sadoff.  The band with these members ran from 1978 to 1980. They first performed at Eddie's Palm Garden in Clementon in the summer of 78.  Their pay?  2 Cases of beer for a standing room only crowd.  The owner opted not to have The Strayz back because he didn't feel he was capable of controlling the crowd!  Their next stop was The Galaxy in Somerdale NJ opening for Hostage.  They had a great night and played regularly there after that, even becoming the house band on Monday night when they tried out new bands!  A memorable moment for The Strayz  was being booked at a club in Delaware that decided to drop their country format and go with rock bands instead!   They were their first rock band and the owners must have forgot to tell the regular crowd because they opened up to a sea of cowboy hats -  much like the "Good Ole Boys" scene from the Blues Brothers movie!  RAWHIDE!  The band continued playing bars and clubs in the area until 1980 .

1983:  The Strayz made a very brief return however married life and kids became the focus of most of the bands members and they decided to pack it in for a while and pick up later.  Fast forward to 1993!

1993 Bob and Fred broke away from Double Shot, a popular local dance band, and teamed up with Steve Gregory, Karen (Moon) Gregory and Dean Gallagher.  They decided to dust off the name Strayz and use it again.  They played clubs and bars such as The Park Grille, Spirits (Now Shady Katie's), The Pennant East and Old Grads.  The band continued on playing regularly for a couple of years.  Eventually Steve and Karen, both recently single at the time, struck up a relationship that turned into wedding bells and they decided it was time for them to bow out and enjoy time together starting their new family.  Dean decided to move on to a different band that included his high school buddies.   Fred and Bob stayed with the Strayz, adding members Jeff Stahl and George Stott.  The performed in the area for another year then disbanded to pursue other activities.  The band went dormant again in 1996.

2008:  Fred and Bob, at the time still performing with The HazBinz,  began toying with the idea of breathing life back into The Strayz.  In the spring of 2007 they  started piecing together the new band that included past members Bob Moon & Fred Williams with the addition of Marla Marguglio, formerly of 13th Floor, Vince Collotti from Dot Com This and currently with Zipper,  Jeff Stahl of Side Trak and Hotlanta, Jim Antone of Hotlanta  and George Stott from numerous bands including Double Shot and Interlude.   Also Bob Kay (Sordid Past) on Bass during this time.

2012:  This version of the Strayz included Dave Smith vocals, Bob McGrann (guitar/keys) , Steve Kohler (bass) along with Bob and Fred.  This group was together for about a year and was  hard rocking version of the band.

2013  The Strayz decided to take a back seat to the club scene and perform the music we loved best!   70's Rock, Disco and Motown!   Our newest line-up could be the best yet! :o)   Longtime members Bob Moon, Fred Williams team up with Dave Kish, Liz Braender, Marci LaDage  and Mark Galliazi.  Janet Nydick rounded  out  the rhythm with her  percussion instruments!  

2014:  The Strayz decided to call it a day.  We enjoyed performing in our various forms since our beginnings in 1978.   Bob Moonbear was the only member to remain with the band through all of it’s phases and now close the book on Strayz……for now.  Who knows…….we never stay down too long.. The last members before the band finally was laid to rest were Fred (drums) Billy Austin (guitar) , Timmy Sheehan ( bass), Mitch Spira (keys) and Kellee Kaysee (lead vocals)

Hoping I didn’t miss anyone ……please let me know if I did. With that said I would like to close with it was one helluva ride and I loved every minute of it :)